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Looking for some friendly competition? Enjoy being on a team? City League Tennis is just what you need! We offer women the opportunity to enjoy social but competitive tennis through the cooperation and assistance of tennis facilities throughout the Greater Portland area.

City League Tennis is an exciting organization that brings women together for food, fun, socializing, and …oh yeah, competition for their tennis game!

City League teams are formed at each of the participating tennis facilities with teams at every level of ability. All matches are played indoors either on Tuesday or Wednesday during the day. Match play begins in September, concluding in May with awards and prizes for winning teams.

For information on joining City League, contact one of the participating clubs near you, or click on "Contact Us" to send us an email.

Latest News

Fall Session Start 09/03 & 09/04/2019

Player Addition Deadline 10/31/2019

Remember to read through the newly revised rules prior to your first match!

I'd like to give a shoutout to the City League Web Coordinator Jian Xu.

Last Thursday, our coach advised us that we had a new player that wanted to join our team, and wouldn't you know, it was the LAST day that players could be added. I sent an email to Jian, and she responded within 5 minutes that she would work on it that evening. Within a few hours, she emailed back that the new player had been added to the roster. Being the last day for additions, I'm sure she had her hands full, but she didn't skip a beat and took care of it right away.

As a new captain on City League, I have been so impressed with the entire organization. And I'm particularly impressed with the website. It contains so much information, and is so user friendly. It could not be easier to use or to read.

Thanks for all the great work you do, and special thanks to Jian Xu for an outstanding job!

Patti Dybdahl
E Team Captain


Our Mission
Promote, advance and encourage the sport of competitive tennis within the greater Portland area

Develop the friendship, sportsmanship and good fellowship of it's members

Help increase the popularity of the tennis facilities of the Greater Portland area and so better utilize them for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of both club players and management alike